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Dead Wrestler Wednesday: John Kronus

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Totally Eliminated.

Last week, a trailer was released for an upcoming shoot interview with Perry Saturn in which he discusses his reckless lifestyle and time on the streets.  When you consider what he’s been through, it’s almost hard to believe that he’s the Eliminator that’s still alive.

George Caiazzo, better known to wrestling fans as Kronus, was Saturn’s tag team partner in Extreme Championship Wrestling, the duo being collectively known as the Eliminators.  It was actually Saturn who gave Kronus his ring name, as Cronus is the Greek equivalent of the Roman deity Saturn, both being gods of harvest.  Together, the Eliminators were one of the most successful tag teams in ECW history. Cornerstones of the promotion’s fruitful tag division, Saturn & Kronus feuded with the likes of the Dudley Boys, The Pitbulls, and RVD & Sabu, among others.  When Saturn departed Philadelphia for WCW, Kronus found continued success in ECW’s tag team ranks as one half of the Gangstanators alongside New Jack, their name being a combination of both men’s former tag teams.

For a big man, Kronus could move.  Utilizing an array of 450° splash variations, handspring back elbows, and an elevated cross body, he possessed agility rarely displayed by a man of his physical stature.  As a result, Kronus continued to find work on the independent circuit after his tenure in ECW.

In the summer of 2007, Kronus was found dead in his New Hampshire home.  At 38 years old, he passed away in his sleep due to complications caused by an enlarged heart.


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