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Ghastly Gimmicks: The World’s Largest Love Machine

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The Great Romances of the 20th Century

Nelson Frazier, better known has Viscera, was never the most fortunate guy when it came to gimmicks. King Mabel brought very little to the table, and the “generic oversized thug” role he filled for most of his career wasn’t exactly groundbreaking. Still, one of his characters stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of being worthy of embarrassment – The silk-pajama-wearing World’s Largest Love Machine.

This ghastly gimmick began in 2005 when Trish Stratus enlisted Viscera’s help to take out Kane, who at the time was “married” to Trish’s arch-nemesis Lita. Not one to offer his services for free, Big Vis forced himself upon Trish, straight dogging her in a backstage segment before showing up to a “business dinner” with a supply of XL condoms. When Vis failed to eliminate Kane from the picture at Backlash ’05, Stratus put an end to their partnership, and Big Daddy V put her on the shelf with a big splash for her troubles. This, of course, turned Viscera into a babyface (wrestling!).

With Trish out of the picture, Vis turned his attention to ring announcer Lilian Garcia. Week in and week out, he’d attempt to seduce her, and although his advances were unwelcomed at first, Garcia eventually came around. The couple shared a number of in-ring kisses (one featuring nachos), and eventually, Lilian thought it was time to take things to the next level. At Vengeance ’05, Garcia proposed to the World’s Largest Love Machine in the middle of the ring. Before he could accept, however, The Godfather and his Ho Train made their way to the ring to remind Big Vis of everything he’d be leaving behind should he chose to take himself off the market. Unable to resist the hos, Viscera left a devastated Lilian Garcia in shambles. Naturally, he’d begin pairing up with fellow ladies man Val Venis as part of a tag team that was aptly named V-Squared. During this time, he began using a signature maneuver called the Viscagra, with which he’d literally dry hump opponents into the canvas.

A year later, Vis attempted to reconcile with Lilian, who was less than enthused to give him another chance. He and Charlie Haas competed for her affection for a short while, but when she said that she only liked them both as friends, things took a dark turn. Viscera responded to being put into the friend-zone by Samoan Dropping Garcia, after which he and Haas shared a good laugh. You can’t make this stuff up. Most of the World’s Largest Love Machine’s “highlights” are featured in the short tribute video below, inexplicably (but oddly appropriately?) set to Bobby Pickett’s “The Monster Mash.”


  1. When he was in the angle with Lillian, he also got to fool around a few times with Candice Michelle (made out on TV, backstage segment with her sucking on his finger), and there’s house shows where he kissed her some more.


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