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Scott “Flash” Norton loves ProRasslin.com. Partner Ice Train could not be reached for comment.

Our mission at ProRasslin.com is, simply put, to bring you everything you love about professional wrestling.  ProRasslin.com is not a dirtsheet.  Nay, it is a testament to the glorious amalgamation of sport, showmanship, and shock that we allow to fallaway slam our emotions week in and week out.  The aim here is not merely to keep you up to speed and offer analysis on current events in the world of televised wrestling, although that is one facet of our purpose.  This blog is here to expose you to wrestlers you may be less familiar with, while reminding you why you love the ones that you’ve watched for years.  It’s here to bring you the best professional wrestling has to offer, to blend wrestling’s past, present, and future into one sweaty brew of guilty pleasure.  It’s here because over time, tastes and hobbies are bound to change more often than the Hardcore Title, but there’s one thing that has remained constant throughout all of our lives.  We love Pro Rasslin’.