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We Want Ice Cream!


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On Monday night, CM Punk created a monster.  A monster of the ice cream loving variety, that is.  While rattling off a laundry list of things he wanted to see his likeness stamped on while explaining the provisions of his proposed contract, Punk referenced the old school WWF ice cream bars.  The resulting pop was the loudest of the night.  Within seconds, chants of “We Want Ice Cream” filled the arena.  Boston was just the tip of the iceberg.  Since Punk’s decree, the WWE Universe is letting their voice be heard in a viral campaign.


Facebook groups dedicated to the movement have emerged.  WWE ice cream bars trended on Twitter for nearly two hours after Raw closed.  Forums are ablaze with discussion of the frozen treats.  Perhaps most interesting, though, is the flood of emails that have been sent to Good Humor, the company responsible for the ice cream bars ever existing in the first place.  You’ll find some encouraging news, and learn how you can help to fight the good fight, just beyond the jump. 

Tuesday morning, if you were to have sent an email to Good Humor requesting the return of WWE ice cream bars, this is the response you would have been met with:

“Thank you for writing us regarding Good Humor .

The product you have contacted us about has been discontinued. Our company’s goal is to provide consumers with a variety of products to meet their needs and preferences. As you may know, marketing is a complex function, and many business factors are taken into consideration before discontinuing a product.

Before a product becomes available at the retail level, much time and expense is involved in perfecting the recipe, consumer focus testing, and marketing support. It truly saddens us when we must discontinue a product. However, consumer demand is a major factor. When the level of demand is insufficient to ensure that consumers receive high quality products at an affordable price, the product may be discontinued.

We apologize that this product is no longer available and hope you will continue to enjoy the other products we offer. We will forward your comments to our brand staff.”

As the day progressed, the number of emails being sent to the ice cream company grew at an alarming rate.  Faced with the realization that CM Punk had created a whirlwind of interest in the product, Good Humor changed their automated response to one that seemed to be a little more accommodating to the demand…

“Thank you for writing us regarding Good Humor Ice Cream and sharing your thoughts! We are always appreciative of our consumers loyalty and creativity.

You may be pleased to know that other consumers have asked for the same product as well. Consumer comments are taken into consideration when planning changes to existing products, as well as introduction of new products.”

On Monday night, Punk said he was making wrestling relevant to non-wrestling fans once more, citing the coverage his promos have gotten on ESPN, ABC, and other media outlets.  I’m sure that forcing an ice cream company to alter their automatic response messaging system by way of encouraging fans to bombard them with emails is just another feather in his cap.  Hail to the king, baby.

If you’d like to join the crusade aimed at bringing back the WWE ice cream bars, shoot Good Humor a line right here.


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