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Dead Wrestler Wednesday: Bobby Duncum Jr.

Just a Good Ol' Boy

Bobby Duncum Jr.’s stay in WCW lasted just two years, but anyone who tuned into Nitro or Thunder during that span surely remembers this cowboy as one of the West Texas Rednecks.  Before joining the stable of Southerners, Duncum had engaged in a brief feud with Television Champion Chris Jericho, but always fell short in his quest for the title.  Fed up with his lack of success flying solo, the second generation wrestler found some running buddies in the form of Curt Hennig and the Windham brothers.  Collectively the West Texas Rednecks, the group found themselves in a natural feud with the No Limit Soldiers, a stable of rappers headed by Master P.  It was during their feud with the hip hop mogul that the Rednecks released their first single, “Rap is Crap,” featured below.  Before their disbanding, Duncum and his posse released a second song, aptly titled “Good Ol’ Boys.”  In June of 1999, Duncum made his last appearance in WCW when the Rednecks lost a six-man tag match to the Filthy Animals.  A half year later, in January of 2000, Bobby Duncum Jr. died of an accidental prescription painkiller overdose.



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