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I Lost My Smile


If you frequent this blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of updates over the past week.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, I’ve been unable to keep up with ProRasslin.com the way I’d like.  I sincerely wish I could dedicate more of my time and effort to maintaining a regular posting schedule, but right now, it’s just not something that I’m able to do.  I hope to resurrect this site someday soon, but for at least another couple of weeks, updates will be few and far between, if there are any at all.  I want to thank everyone who has visited over the six month life span of ProRasslin.com.  You’ve allowed me to share what I love, and for that, I am indebted to you.  Any updates that do spring up here will be posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages, so if you’re a fan of this site, I encourage you to follow both.  I hope (and believe) that this is not the end of ProRasslin.com, but rather just a hiatus.  After all, this is wrestling.  Nobody stays retired in wrestling.




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