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Marchie Archie seeks Legal Counsel


My, oh, my.  This is quite good.  You’ll remember a few weeks (months?) ago when I first told you of my love for Robert Evans, otherwise known as R.D. Evans in Ring of Honor, or as Archibald Peck in Chikara.  Well, in the latest Chikara podcast, Barrister Evans is introduced to Mr. Peck.  In the vein of Mick Foley’s classic promo in which his characters cross paths via the magic of video editing, Robert Evans’ personas have had their first interaction.

And it is awesome.  Ol’ Archie isn’t too happy about not being allowed to compete in this year’s Young Lion’s Cup, which has drove him to seek legal advice from the Barrister.  If the end of the video is any indication, we can expect more from these two (?) in the coming weeks.  World’s are colliding!




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