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Profilin’: Sara Del Rey

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The Queen of Wrestling, Sara Del Rey.

Sara Del Rey is, for my money, the best active female wrestler in the world today.  A ten-year ring veteran, Del Rey doesn’t fit into any of the traditional women’s wrestling archetypes.  She’s not the monstrous and manly powerhouse, the damsel in distress, or the fitness model turned wrestler who can’t perform a headscissors.  She’s Sara Del Rey, and she’s in a class of her own.

I feel that Del Rey is one of the very few independent wrestlers, male or female, who could be dropped into WWE or TNA exactly as they are now and find success.  If allowed to perform to her ability, there would be no denying Sara worldwide superstardom.  Her combination of high impact power moves (Samoan Drops, Spike Piledrivers), striking game (big boots to the chests of opponents), and submission maneuvers (Labell Lock, arm and neck wrenches) make for entertaining and unforgettable matches.  Couple these with her vast collection of suplex variations, fondness of bridging into pins, and awesome Royal Butterfly finisher, and you’ve got a can’t miss formula for success at any level if provided the opportunity.  She knows how to work a crowd to boot.

Stateside, Sara’s a staple in Shimmer Women Athletes, Chikara, Ring of Honor, and Jersey All Pro.  She’s also garnered international fame with her tours of Japan and Mexico and has cracked the top ten in PWI’s Female 50.  If you’re a fan of women’s wrestling, nay, if you’re a fan of any wrestling, then you should be a fan of Sara Del Rey. 

Del Rey has been a vital part of Shimmer since the show’s inaugural show back in 2005.  She’s been the company’s best face and best heel at different times during her tenure there, and she also holds the distinction of being their first Champion, having defeated Lacey in the finals of tournament on Volume 12.  Her reign as champion came to an end a few months later when she suffered a loss at the hands of MsChif, but not before she successfully defended the belt against now WWE superstar Amazing Kong.  As a testament to her abilities, Sara was a participant in what is widely considered to be the greatest match in Shimmer’s history, one in which she nabbed a victory over Ayako Hamada.  Del Rey also competed in what has been the best tag team contest in the promotion to date when she partnered with Allison Danger in a losing effort to MsChif & Cheerleader Melissa as part of Volume 17.

In Ring of Honor, Sara Del Rey is often seen alongside Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli as part of the Kings of Wrestling stable.  She’s equally as adequate a valet as she is a wrestler, and her presence is an understated component of the Kings’ success.  In addition to being aligned with Castagnoli in ROH, Del Rey is his stablemate in Chikara as well as part of the villainous Bruderschaft des Kreuzes.  In the BDK, Del Rey spends much of her time teaming with Daizee Haze.  The duo’s resume lists wins over a number of all-male Chikara tag teams, including but not limited to The Osirian Portal, The Throwbacks, and Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw.  Currently, Sara Del Rey is a participant in Chikara’s 12 Large Tournament, which will crown the company’s first singles Champion.  She is the only woman to be included in the tournament.

In addition to her current success in the aforementioned promotions, Sara is also the reigning Jersey All Pro Women’s Champion.  She became the title’s first holder in JAPW’s blossoming women’s division with a win over ODB back in the summer of 2009, and she’s never looked back.  Now with double-digit title defenses under her belt, Del Rey has put down the likes of Lufisto, Madison Rayne, and Annie Social during her reign.  Meanwhile, she continues to tour various companies on both American soil and overseas, making an impression on live audiences wherever she goes.  If you’re not familiar with Del Rey’s work, I implore you, order a few DVDs.  Sara Del Rey is of her own breed, and as a wrestling fan, you owe it to yourself to witness that.




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