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Full Match Friday: Brock Lesnar vs Mr. Perfect



I was never a fan of undefeated streaks in wrestling.  I think the one Crimson is currently enjoying is worse than the average, but I wasn’t a fan of Goldberg’s or Samoa Joe’s or Brock Lesnar’s either.  In addition to the numbers often being fudged, one of the reasons I tend not to care for them is that, in most instances, the wrestler involved in the streak has actually lost before, either in a non-televised match or in a TV debut weeks before being repackaged with the gimmick of being undefeatable.  Such was the case for Brock Lesnar, as he pulls the job to Mr. Perfect in this house show match.  Now, there’s no shame in losing to Mr. Perfect, but I hated seeing Lesnar pushed as undefeated when this video exists and is accessible to any fan with an internet connection.

Don’t get me wrong, some guys can pull it off.  Well, one guy could pull it off.  In my experience, the only undefeated streak for a debuting superstar that I thoroughly enjoyed was that of Kurt Angle in his first tour of the WWE.  I could be forgetting someone, as I’ve given this topic approximately 30 seconds of thought, but for now I’ll stick to my guns on this argument.


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