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Well, the WWE lost me


WWE, TNA, WrestlingDuring my 26 years on this planet, I’ve gone through streaks where I’ve watched wrestling and streaks where I haven’t.  I may have stopped watching because I was too busy, I needed a break from it, or because the product sucked.  Watching the Rise and Fall of WCW, a lot of the things that happened toward the end I never saw until I got the DVD.

That being said, I feel that time may be very close to happening.  I’ve been very tired of the WWE and TNA products lately.  TNA is just a crap pile.  Hogan and Bischoff are BEYOND stale, and combined with Vince Russo, have literally no clue how to run a wrestling company.  Why they haven’t thrown a ton of money at Paul Heyman is beyond me.  The WWE on the other hand, officially lost me the Tuesday after Extreme Rules.  I was so happy for Christian for finally getting what he deserved.  Then, for no reason, it was taken from him.  Then John Cena won the WWE title….AGAIN.   Not to mention a week before that, Cena was drafted from Raw to Smackdown, then right back to Raw in the same night.  Like….why even bother?  And did I mention how awful Michael Cole has been the last few months, and his feud with Lawler seemingly won’t end?

I was so sure Christian was going to be the World Champ, that his reign was literally going to be the only thing keeping me watching.  Other than the Miz, there’s no one wrestling that is worth watching.  Morrison is out with injury, but I doubt he would have been used properly even if he wasn’t.  Christian is being wasted.  And I’m sorry, but Cena and Orton are old news, and I have no desire to watch them anymore.

Now there’s a chance that the WWE could be working Christian into an even bigger angle with Orton, which would lead to an eventual heel turn.  Lord knows the WWE needs strong heels.  When the second strongest heel in the company is Alberto Del Rio, you’re in trouble.  I would like to think that the WWE has big plans in store for Christian, but I won’t give them that much credit.  The WWE has a tendency to screw up major story lines.  I remember when Chris Jericho, as World Champion, a week after beating Edge at Wrestlemania, lost his belt to Jack Swagger when he cashed in his Money in the Bank.  How bout when CM Punk, as the brand new World Champion, wasn’t allowed to beat Batista cleanly for weeks.  The re-birth of ECW?  Zack Gowen?  The lack of tag team wrestling?  Giving birth to a hand (for the life of me I still don’t know what that meant)?  The Brock Lesnar/Steve Austin incident?  Didn’t Vince McMahon die at one point?

Ok I got sidetracked, but my point is I can’t count on the WWE to make the right decisions.  So I don’t think I’ll be giving them the benefit of the doubt.  I’ll have to wait and see if they can do something exciting, but that also makes sense, to pull me back in.


Editor’s Note:  These are the views of ProRasslin.com contributor Frank Aquilino and they don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of the rest of us here.  Despite our better judgement, some of us hold out hope for a turn around.

Editor’s Note II: Don’t stop watching wrestling, Frank.  Then we’ll have nothing to talk about.


  1. dont give up on the indies. televised weekly wrestling really ralphs right now but there are still some seriously talented wrestlers consistently having incredible matches. steen generico happened in 2010, year long, and was honestly my favorite angle since the first nwo/stone cold run(s). i went almost 15 years without being “wowed” but im seriously glad i stuck around for this long. i know all about wrestling regrets, i once paid to see brooklyn brawler headline and win a 25 man battle royal haha. wasted time and nothing but disappointment from wrestling television and pay per views, the cena years, this christian bullshit, but ill gladly put up with that if it means that the indie wrestling company has to work 10 times harder to find new fans because new fans dont have any interest in “real” wrestling. you can see the quality of the product and the love these wrestlers have for what they are doing because they are the last of a dying breed. televised wrestling promotions might suck right now, but id go as far as to say the indies are stronger than they ever have been with talent.


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