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Full Match Friday: Christopher Daniels vs Matt Cross



Ring of Honor is a breeding ground for fresh wrestling talent.  It’s similar to ECW in the ’90s in the sense that ROH is often pilfered and pillaged by the country’s two larger promotions, WWE & TNA, and rarely does it get the credit it deserves.  It’s in no way obscure – it has a niche following that’s plenty large – but without a TV deal, ROH lacks national mainstream exposure, and that’s criminal.  Here, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels goes toe-to-toe with “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, more recently of Tough Enough fame.  The match is solid if not spectacular by ROH standards, but it would be viewed as a clinic if it were to take place in one of the nationally broadcasted promotions.  It’s a shame Matt couldn’t parlay his talent into a successful run on Tough Enough; he certainly has the in-ring ability to stand out in a crowd, although WWE might not have been the best showcase for his specific skill set anyway.  With the exposure he gained from his Tough Enough experience, I fully expect Cross to find regular work somewhere (maybe even back in ROH) as he continues to hone his craft.


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