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Greatest Videos Eeeeeever: Edge's Spears


This section takes a look at hyperbole and the superlatives implored to gain views on YouTube. We’ve all stumbled across something online that surely was not as great as the uploader promised. This week, a lot of superlatives are being tossed around regarding Edge’s career. Each person will judge on their own, but I personally believe Edge’s career is as amazing and impressive as any superstar has ever had in WWE. Mike wrote about Edge, Frank wrote about Edge and I’m writing about Edge for a second time. That brings us to this week’s Greatest Video Ever….

Each week I go to YouTube and type in best, greatest or worst followed by the word ‘wrestling’. I click around until I find something I just have to write about. This week I backed into my search knowing I wanted to write one more piece about Edge. Unfortunately, most Edge related videos with best or greatest in the title deal with his second TLC match…which I already wrote about 2 weeks ago. Then I found a few videos that might prompt a debate: The Spear.

Many users have claimed that they’ve uploaded a video of Edge’s best spear ever. I’ll give you a few but in the end, it’s up to you…

An Early Career Spear

A Thuganomics Spear

A Mysterio Spear

A Super Spear

A Mysterio Super Spear

A Wrestlemania Spear


Obviously the Wrestlemania spear is amazing. But it’s not my favorite. My favorite spear ever happened on June 11th 2006. RVD and John Cena were squaring off at One Night Stand for the WWE Championship. Mr. Money in the Bank Rob Van Dam was the heavy fan favorite but could you really see John Cena dropping the title in front of 2,500 in small arena? Edge could. Wearing a motorcycle helmet to hide his identity, Edge delivered a spear on Cena that would set up RVD for his signature 5 Star Frog Splash and give him his first ever World title. That was one of my favorite moments ever in wrestling. So Edge, thank you for that and thank you for everything you’ve done for this industry I love so much.

What’s your favorite Edge spear?


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