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Greatest Videos Eeeeeever: The Not So Great Khali


If you made it through our super-sized reactions post regarding Monday night’s Raw, you saw a paragraph where I pondered how WWE could manage their embarrassment¬†of riches. There are a lot of great wrestlers in the company. Sadly, there are also some terrible ones. Among them, ironically, is the Great Khali. When he emerged in the company, Khali was a massive force who appeared to have a bright future. Within a few weeks, the mediocrity of Khali’s skill set was exposed. Since then he’s really been nothing but a joke. This week’s Greatest Video Eeeeeever looks at Khali’s best moment according to one YouTube user…

The BEST of The Great Khali @ WWE Raw Draft!

Rather than delving too much further into this, let’s just go ahead and say this is indeed the best of Khali. That’s pretty sad. Khali’s greatest moment came when someone hung up on him and he rambled in what was either terrible English or his native¬†tongue. Either way, I don’t think Khali is ever going to top this one!


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