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Team Rock vs. Team Cena



If anybody’s curious as to what Chris Jericho has to say about the feud between The Rock and John Cena, here’s your answer.  I don’t consider this news exactly (it’s an older video, and I’m not sure of its origin), but I do think it’s interesting.  After Monday Night’s Raw, I’m willing to listen to anything dealing with the bad blood between Rocky and Cena.  The fact that this specific take on the matter is coming from one of the greatest wrestlers of our generation and my personal Paragon of Virtue doesn’t hurt the case for posting it either.

As much as I’d love to see The Rock and John Cena butt heads at WrestleMania, I think Cena getting a shot at the Miz and his WWE Championship is almost a lock.  We can always dream though…and SummerSlam isn’t that far off.


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