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Profilin': Mistico

Mistico, who recently signed with WWE, was one of CMLL's top stars upon his departure.

Like Tyler Black and Amazing Kong, who we’ve profiled here before, Mistico recently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment.  Inking his deal on January 30, the international star should be debuting on WWE programming soon, most likely on the Smackdown roster.  If you enjoy the high flying style of fellow masked wrestler Rey Mysterio or you long for the spunky technical gusto of the late Eddie Guerrero, then you’ll probably be a fan of Mistico.

Mistico’s character is built upon an elaborate web of back-story.  Orphaned at a young age, Mistico was raised by renowned wrestling priest, Fray Tormenta.  As the story goes, he is Tormenta’s personal protégé and has trained under the priest since childhood.  In actuality, Mistico comes from a rich wrestling heritage.  His father wrestled under the ring name Dr. Karonte, and his uncle is former wrestler and current CMLL booker Tony Salazara.  Four of Mistico’s brothers have also wrestled professionally.  As far as wrestling style goes, Mistico is a luchador through and through.  His repertoire includes the standard lucha libre fair – planchas, moonsaults, and a slew of arm drag variations.  He’s known to rely on a huracanrana, and his finisher, La Mistica, is a headscissors into a Fujiwara Armbar. More on what to expect from Mistico after the jump.

When he gets to the WWE, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a few changes.  For one, the trademark contacts he wears in his eyes will probably be dropped as to distance him from Rey Mysterio.  We saw Alberto Del Rio, formerly Dos Caras Jr, abandon his mask when he transitioned from CMLL to WWE, and while I think it’s unlikely that Mistico does the same, it remains a possibility.  It’s also feasable that his move set receives some treatment.  Asai Moonsaults and other moves considered risky by WWE standards are mainstays in his arsenal, but he may have to leave them behind when he joins the world’s most prominent wrestling promotion.

However WWE chooses to handle Mistico, one thing’s for sure – they have a star on their hands.  Upon his CMLL debut, Mistico ascended the ranks quicker than almost anyone ever had, and within a year he was arguably the top wrestler in the company.  At just 28 years old, his success in the ring has begun to seep into other markets.  He stars in a comic book popular enough to have reached its 50th issue.  He’s been in music videos and guest starred on Mexican TV Shows.  He’s even been used to endorse a political party.  He’s wildly popular in his native country, and unless the ball is dropped, he should be wildly popular in the United States as well.


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