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Creative Faces: Photographer Chris Marciano


As we’ve tackled some of the issues within TNA, we discovered another one: They don’t have very many high resolution images on the internet. In an ironic reversal of trends, photos are the new video. See, anyone can Snapchat a meaningless moving image now-a-days, but it takes a certain discipline and talent to capture a moment with just one click of the shutter. That’s where today’s Creative Face begins. Meet Chris Marciano.

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For over a decade, Chris has meandered his way through various creative fields, excelling in each. It’s his two recent endeavors however that have piqued our interest: Photography and Pro Wrestling. Chris’ first wrestling photos surfaced on Instagram two years ago during Chikara’s King of Trios 2014. The first image featured Shane Parker of 3.0 performing a flying elbow. The other was an aerial assault from AR Fox during a Rey De Voladores match-up. Two great action shots that were a preview of things to come.

A few months later, Marciano made a trip to Columbus, Ohio to shoot NXT’s first live event outside of Orlando. Here, he captured two of my favorite wrestling images ever. One of Sasha Banks as NXT Women’s Champion (pic below), the other of Kevin Owens holding his NXT Championship. Both hang in my office and are available for purchase on Chris’ web site.

From that moment, Marciano was a bonafide wrestling photographer. He’s since photographed more Chikara, more NXT and has received praise from the likes of Maria Kanellis for his TNA photos. That’s just the beginning of Chris’ story. A few months ago, he decided to put the camera down and step into the squared circle. He’s at the very beginning of his training, but his size and charisma will serve him extraordinary well as a wrestler. Until then, he’s got the best seat in the house, snapping unbelievable photos at ringside.

Below are a few of our favorite images.




Chris’ work isn’t limited to wrestling either. He shoots stand up comedy, concerts and anything else that catches his eye. So where can you find more work from Chris or get in touch with him? Check his links below
Web Site and Store


Also, huge congrats to Chris and his new fiancee!
See this tweet? Yeah, he’s one of us…



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