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Confessions of a Wrestling Fan


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There is something inherently embarrassing about being a fan of professional wrestling.  I don’t want that statement to be misinterpreted.  I’m not saying that there should be.  Clearly, I am a fan – I dedicate a good chunk of my time to maintaining a blog about the business for no reason outside of love for the game.  In my eyes, professional wrestling is nothing short of an art form.  Still, it remains an interest that many of us do not share publicly, or at least not without some provocation.  My coworkers don’t know why I’m tired on Tuesday mornings.  I’m reluctant to tell my friends what I’ve spent on my collection of lucha libre masks.  Whenever I’m attending a Saturday night show at ECW arena, there are usually at least some people I don’t come clean with as to my whereabouts.  This shouldn’t be.  But it is.

Ryan Simmons is a friend of mine and frequent contributor to this blog.  He regularly writes the “Greatest Videos Eeeeeever” and “What If?” series that you see here, as well as occasionally relieving me of Raw Roundup duties.  He also maintains his own blog, The Imagination of Ryan Simmons, one that is much more personal and less niche than the one you’re currently reading.  Earlier this week, on the aforementioned blog, he tackled the issue of wrestling fandom and the shame it wrongly carries with it.  Check out what he had to say right here, it’s a relatable read for any wrestling fan.


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