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This Day in Rasslin’ History: Sable Bomb


On this date in 1998, WWE hosted the inaugural Fully Loaded pay-per-view under their now defunct In Your House banner.  The Tag Team Titles changed hands in a star-studded main event when Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker defeated reigning champions Kane and Mankind, The Rock and Triple H wrestled to a time limit draw in a 2-out-of-3 falls match for the Intercontinental Championship, and Ken Shamrock was defeated by Owen Hart in a first-of-its-kind dungeon match with Dan Severn serving as the guest referee.  However, the event is not remembered for any of these things.  Instead, it’s most fondly recalled for the controversial “bikini” worn by Sable in her swimsuit contest with Jacqueline.


Sable was originally dubbed the winner by host Jerry “The King” Lawler, although the decision was later reversed and Sable was disqualified on account of not wearing an actual bikini top.  Today, in a time when the wrestling world is a buzz over the potential reversion back to a PG-13 rating, I think it’s appropriate to be reminded of how edgy the Attitude Era was at times.  This served to be one of the most defining moments of Sable’s career, and it became a symbol synonymous with the adult-oriented programming of the WWE in the late 90s.


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