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Ghastly Gimmicks: Oz


Every Tuesday, we take a look at an outlandish character from wrestling’s days gone by.  Sometimes laughable, sometimes revolting, but always preposterous, they’re part of what makes pro rasslin’ so great.  Ranging from slightly peculiar to downright ludicrous, these are the wrestlers that time has rightly forgotten.

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Big Daddy (Not So) Cool.

Believe it or not, the picture you see to the left of this text was the least ridiculous image of Oz that I could dig up.  His entrance attire was much, much, much more embarrassing, as evidenced by the video below.  Before getting his big break as Shawn Michaels’ bodyguard Diesel in the World Wrestling Federation, Kevin Nash toiled in WCW as Oz, as in The Wizard of.  Accompanied to the ring by the equally bizarre Great Wizard (Kevin Sullivan) and an evil monkey sidekick, Oz’s entrance once actually featured the rest of the cast of the movie from which his namesake was drawn.  You can witness this for yourself below in what has to be the strangest video I’ve ever run on this site.  It isn’t until the four minute mark that it even becomes evident that you’re watching a professional wrestling event.  In fact, I’m not even going to try to elaborate on it any more.  I’ll just leave you with the opening lines of Oz’s grand introduction.  “Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a wizard.  But not the Wizard of Oz! His name was the Great Wizard, and he ruled the Kingdom of Oz.  And now our weary travelers are at the end of their journey as they face they Emerald City.  Welcome to Oz, welcome to Oz!”



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