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Sin Cara juices, Punk still rules


Last night, Sheamus broke Sin Cara in half with a powerbomb through a steel ladder.


The luchador was carted out of the ringside area on a stretcher and did not appear again.  Today, the WWE is claiming that he suffered a “posterior fractured rib” and will miss at least four weeks.  They’ve also reported that he’s violated the wellness policy for use of anabolic steroids and will be suspended for the next 30 days.  Convenient time for an injury, no?  Some sources close to the WWE are reporting that Sin Cara might not return at all, which I think is feasible but unlikely.  The WWE has struggled to find peers to work with him, but he’s ridiculously over with the audience, and I’d like to think ol’ Vinnie Mac is still wise enough not to let a potential cash cow walk, especially one who would fit perfectly into a rival promotion.

Meanwhile, I’m still riding the CM Punk high provided by last night’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view.  Check out his updated Twitter bio…

WWE, TNA, WrestlingUnemployed WWE Champion.  Nice.  Some bad news, at least in the short-term, can currently be found on Punk’s Twitter as well.  In noting that he was hanging out with Colt Cabana & Ace Steel, Punk mentioned that the trio would be attending tonight’s game between the Cubs and Phillies.  Translation: No Punk on Raw.  I guess we should have expected this anyway, although my excitement for tonight’s show has been slightly dampened by the confirmation that the new Champ will not be in attendance.  At least some sweet pictures of Punk and his old running buddies partying in the streets of Chicago last night with the WWE Championship have surfaced via TMZ to throw us a bone until we get our next Punk fix.

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