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Ghastly Gimmicks: Max Moon


Every Tuesday, we take a look at an outlandish character from wrestling’s days gone by.  Sometimes laughable, sometimes revolting, but always preposterous, they’re part of what makes pro rasslin’ so great.  Ranging from slightly peculiar to downright ludicrous, these are the wrestlers that time has rightly forgotten.

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Maximillian Moon, Man of Tomorrow.

Max Moon was…well…I’m not really sure.  He might have been from the future, a renegade wrestler who time traveled back to the early 90s to job to the stars of day gone by.  Maybe he was a man from outer space, as his name would seem to indicate.  Maybe he was actually a cyborg.  We just don’t know.  What we do know is that his elaborate and ridiculously expensive circuit board body suit was originally supposed to be worn by Konnan, but after he left the company following a dispute, Paul Diamond filled the role.  We also know that he was fond of shooting “laser beams” and confetti into the crowd during his ring entrance.  Outside of that, pretty much all we know for sure is that he was absolutely terrible.  Despite this, there is in my estimation one way in which this ghastly gimmick could be rectified.  Years from now, maybe we’ll see a new wrestler debut, and through some unfortunate series of events, he would be turned into Max Moon.  Then, Mr. Moon could stumble upon a mysterious time vortex or something of the sort, nobly step into it, and disappear entirely.  Thus, we’d understand how this Man of Tomorrow ended up being transported back to 1992.  That makes sense in a weird, Dharma Initiative sort of way, right?  I mean, birdmen have been hatched from eggs, mummies thawed out of centuries old ice blocks, and Dolph Ziggler is a former World Heavyweight Champion, so this isn’t so far-fetched.  Get on it, creative.



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