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John Cena Can’t Wrestle


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I can acknowledge that John Cena is a massive cash cow for the WWE.  He can talk the talk, and his matches aren’t nearly as bad as most of the internet wrestling community claims them to be.  He’s cut from the same mold as Hulk Hogan and The Rock in my opinion; a charismatic role model with exceptional mic skills who will never win match of the year distinctions.  I feel like this perception of Cena isn’t shared by many.  It seems like he’s polarized most wrestling fans, and few are left who agree with me that he’s neither the best nor the worst thing to ever happen to the WWE.

This one is for the Cena haters.

In this instructional video for aspiring professional wrestlers, produced years ago, Cena really demonstrates his lack of technical prowess.  As the Prototype, it’s obvious that he doesn’t know the difference between an armbar and a hammerlock, and his lackadaisical Russian leg sweep is a small threat to the safety of anyone in the ring with him.  To top it off, Cena’s gum-chewing throughout the lesson makes him seem aloof to the whole idea of wrestling.  Enjoy, anti-Cena enthusiasts.  And do take note of the men he’s endangering with his sloppy ring work: Impact Wrestling’s Samoa Joe and Kazarian!




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