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Doink the Clown is just Too Sweet



The nWo fell on some dark days towards the close of WCW.  At one point, I specifically remember the lineup being Stevie Ray, Horace Hogan, Vincent, Scott Norton, and Bryan Adams.  That’s one serious bum squad.  Things got even worse in their WWE incarnation when Goldust & an elderly Ric Flair joined the once fabled faction.  When you review the list of guys who have worn nWo colors (I’m looking at you, Disqo), it doesn’t seem that far-fetched to imagine Doink the Clown joining their ranks.  All right, so maybe it does.  But somebody took the time to put together this TitanTron video imagining what it might look like if the WWE’s resident jester was a member of the faction.  Given the dark nature of Doink’s heel persona, I think he certainly could have complimented the group better than David Flair or the Harris Boys ever did, although that obviously isn’t saying much.  At any rate, this video’s accuracy to what Doink’s actual entrance would have looked like if he donned the Black & White is pretty stunning.  Enjoy its sheer ridiculousness.


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