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What If: Triple H is the Raw GM


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After last week’s post, some people on Twitter suggested there was no end in sight for the Anonymous GM storyline. That might be true, but there needs to be some sort of explanation or resolution eventually. The list of candidates is almost endless. It could a WWE Alumni, a current Superstar, a celebrity or really anyone else. Assuming the GM will be revealed and have an in depth feud, it might be in the best interest of WWE to make it someone who can still lace up the boots and get in the ring. That brings us to this week’s What If where we ask: What if Triple H is the Raw GM?

Why It Would Work…
Triple H still has a lot left in the tank as we saw at ‘Mania. It’s doubtful that he’ll come back full-time ever again, but you have to believe he wants one final run in the company. The work he did on the mic against the Undertaker leading up to WM27 was solid, but not his best. Fortunately, mic skills don’t diminish over time. Triple H can still cut promos with the best of them when the opportunity presents itself. If Triple H were to be revealed as the GM, his feud could start while he was still the anonymous GM with it all cumulating in his reappearance on TV. The pop would be huge. He could then make matches and cut promos at live events until the time comes for him to wrestle in his final few matches against a top guy or an emerging superstar.

Why It Wouldn’t Work…
As a founding member of Degeneration X, Triple H in an authority role just doesn’t seem to fit. His lengthy absence from TV, outside of his WM build-up, also seems to indicate that he is focusing his efforts elsewhere. Stephanie and HHH now have 3 children together so fatherhood is probably high on his priority list. He also has another movie coming out this year. Risking another injury or spending a lot of time on the road might not be something that interests the King of Kings anymore.

We have not seen the last of Triple H. A full time comeback would do little to add to his legacy and the occasional match would feel like a lackluster end to his career. He’ll need one final, intense feud. If the GM starts going after one wrestler in particular, especially if it’s a top guy, you can almost guarantee that Triple H will be revealed as the man behind the emails. This would allow a nice build-up without requiring Triple H to travel until it was absolutely necessary. Depending on how long it takes this angle to conclude, I’d say there is a very good chance Triple H gets involved in some way before it’s all said and done!


  1. This would actually make great sense. As for the travel schedule it would work perfectly since he is at Raw every week anyway for his new role in the company. He even bought a new tour bus last year.

  2. I would dig it if that turned out to be true! After watching the DX One Last Stand DVD I have more of an appreciation for HHH and his personality!


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