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What If: Kevin Nash is the Raw GM


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At the end of Raw this week, Austin knocked over the Anonymous GM’s podium and smashed the lap top through which the GM has made his announcements for nearly a year now. Earlier in the show, Vince silenced the GM and made a match of his own. While this could mean nothing, part of me believes we’re drawing closer to the end of the GM storyline. So we’re faced with the ultimate question: Who is it? Over the next few weeks we’ll explore possibilities and speculate on potential angles. This week we ask: What If Kevin Nash is the Raw GM?

Why It Would Work…
Nash returned to WWE this January, resurrecting his Diesel character, at the Royal Rumble. Afterwards, Nash thanked and praised Vince for giving him the opportunity to perform in front of a massive crowd once again after years in the Impact Zone. Now under an official Legends contract, Nash recently made an appearance at the pre-Wrestlemania Hall of Fame ceremony. While a return to the ring is improbable, Nash is a great candidate to be GM based on his years as an nWo member. Nash always got a decent pop from the crowd and could always evoke a laugh despite being a heel for much of his WCW run. The role of a General Manager requires the ability to generate this type of fluid reaction. The Anonymous GM has received a lot of heat but most of that can be attributed to the the fact that Cole was the voice delivering the message. In all honesty, the GM’s decisions have been pretty fair. If Nash were to take on the role, he’s be booed sometimes, cheered others. Nash is the type of guy who could handle that.

Why It Wouldn’t Work…
Like many potential candidates, the timeline doesn’t work. Nash was still with TNA when the angle was born. Upon returning to the WWE a few months ago, Nash appeared as Diesel. Diesel as the GM makes no sense, so they’d need to ignore Diesel’s return and let Nash be Nash. That’s not to say WWE cares much about that continuity or they couldn’t explain it away, but it would leave many folks scratching their heads. Also, for the angle to have any merit, the GM would need to engage in a pretty big feud upon his reveal. Nash is a decent guy on the mic, but I’m not sure the WWE would be interested in investing that much TV time to an aging superstar.

The biggest case against Nash is also the biggest problem with the angle in general: I don’t think the WWE knows who the GM is. If they knew from the inception, they could have created a more refined character and woven in certain traits that would have set up an exciting angle. Instead they used this character to course correct matches or inconvenience random wrestlers. Once WWE makes their decision I imagine they’ll hone in more on intentions and set up a feud with a superstar that cumulates with the GM revealing himself. Looking around the company, there are no potential angles for Nash and a current superstar that would result in extreme excitement. Soooo….it’s probably not Nash.


  1. I could see this and while the time line doesn’t match they would probably just use the fact that the GM was anonymous to explain the logistics.

  2. Nash as GM would rock the casbah although sharif may not like it. As for explaining away his time in TNA, lets not forget that we are in the WWE universe now where planet TNA is much like Pluto . . . unrecognized. In WWE’s mind Nash has simply been floating in limbo ever since Summerslam 03′. Besides if I have to put up with Booker T announcing on Smackdown, wrestling on Raw, and coaching on Tough Enough I better get a little Nash for my trouble.


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