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The Dream is Over

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The Heart and Soul of EC...er...TNA.

On the heels of the revelation that TNA would be losing the services of both Mick Foley and Chyna, another name has been added to the list of recent departers.  It appears as though Tommy Dreamer is done with the company.

“If u need a reason 2 go 2 TNA shows on 6/10 Marion, Ill & 6/11 Memphis TN. They will b my last 2 appearances for TNA,” Tommy tweeted yesterday.  He continued, “Come say goodbye. Thnx.”  Just weeks removed from a moderately successful heel turn, Dreamer appeared to be enjoying a fresh push on Impact Wrestling.  I’ll be curious to see if TNA offers any closure on his recent storyline with Bully Ray or if they drop the whole thing without explanation.  Word is the two sides could not come to terms on a new contract.  The second largest wrestling promotion in the United States aren’t just losing a wrestler, as Tommy also worked backstage as both an agent and producer.

Don’t mistake Dreamer’s departure from TNA as retirement, though.  The Innovator of Violence is still going to be taking bookings through his website, so you might catch him at an indy show or two in the coming months.


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