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Raw Preview, 6/6/11

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Last week, R-Truth earned a countout victory over WWE Champion John Cena in Raw’s main event.  After the show went off the air, the anonymous Raw General Manager promised Truth the title shot he’s so desperately desired for weeks, under one small condition.  In order to receive an opportunity to compete for the biggest prize in the WWE at Capitol Punishment, R-Truth must issue a public apology to John Cena on tonight’s Raw.  While I fully anticipate him offering an apology and earning a title shot, in no way do I expect it to be sincere, nor do I think that Truth will refrain from attacking Cena once his match is granted.

Also confirmed for the show is an appearance by one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time, Stone Cold Steve Austin.  With the finale of Tough Enough scheduled for tonight, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Texas Rattlesnake is accompanied by the reality series’ winner on the company’s flagship program.  Other expected events for tonight’s Raw include further developments in the Big Show / Alberto Del Rio saga and perhaps more drama between Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne.  Nexus will look to keep their momentum going, and you can bet that The Miz will have a response planned for his former employee, Alex Riley.  With Capitol Punishment looming just two weeks away, it’s a safe bet that we’ll see more of the show’s card begin to solidify tonight.


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