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Full Match Friday: Chimaera vs Johnny Goodtime



You might not recognize masked luchador Chimaera, but you should.  Why, you ask?  Because his name is Ricardo Rrrrrrodriguez!  The personal ring announcer of Alberto Del Rio worked as Chimaera in Chikara, Dragon Gate USA, and even in WWE’s developmental promotion, Florida Championship Wrestling.  Now that he’s been converted to Ricardo Rodriguez, he continues to wrestle in FCW as his new character while also serving to introduce Del Rio at WWE events, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we eventually see him lace up a pair of boots and wrestle on the main roster.  This isn’t his best match, so don’t judge him based on this bout against Johnny Goodtime inside of an extra-small, extra-noisy ring.  The dude can go.  Like Del Rio, he’s been another success story as far as luchador to unmasked character conversions go.  Hopefully the newest WWE signee Averno can follow suit.



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