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Raw Preview, 5/30/11

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You got some splainin to do!

While there are no matches officially announced for tonight’s Raw, there are a few interesting storylines developing.  For one, Kharma will address the WWE Universe about her apparent breakdown last week.  As we know, she’s due to miss the next 9+ months as a result of her real-life pregnancy, although I doubt that will be the reason given on tonight’s telecast.  How the WWE will explain the monstrous diva’s absence has yet to be seen, but we’ll probably get an answer during tonight’s in-ring promo.  Another point of interest for tonight’s show stems from local promotion for the event.  “The Game” Triple H has been advertised to appear, and although it’s probable that he’ll only perform the live crowd after the telecast has ended, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him on tonight’s Raw.

The vehicular assault angle involving Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez, Kane, and The Big Show that we saw begin last week will surely continue tonight, and I expect that Del Rio’s involvement in the incident will be revealed.  Continuing another story from last week, expect tonight to deal with the fallout of Alex Riley’s betrayal of The Miz.  Lastly, there is currently no #1 contender to John Cena’s WWE Championship.  While R-Truth feels entitled to the opportunity, I’d expect some kind of qualifying match or matches to transpire to determine who will receive the spot.  CM Punk and Rey Mysterio are other possibilities.


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