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Full Match Friday: Meng vs Damon Striker



What?  You don’t remember Damon Striker?  That’s OK, I wouldn’t guess many do.  You might recognize him though, as he found a little bit of success later in his career wrestling for WWE under the name of Edge.  Back before he was R rated, Edge wrestled one match for World Championship Wrestling, and here it is.  According to his autobiography, Edge’s decision to work the bout was strictly a monetary one.  As Damon Striker, Edge’s sole appearance came against Meng on an episode of WCW Pro.  Also of note is Hugh Morrus, otherwise known as Tough Enough trainer Bill DeMott, in Meng’s corner.  Watching this, I can’t help but think of the gigantic opportunity WCW missed out on with Mr. Adam Copeland.  But alas, it was for the best in the end.  We Edgeheads will miss you, buddy.


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