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Champion of Champions Quaterfinal Results

Get it?

This past weekend, voting was opened here on ProRasslin.com for the quarterfinal matches of our Champion of Champions Tournament, designed to crown your favorite champion of the past decade.  The results are in, and our Elite 8 have been widdled down to a Final 4.

Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, and Edge were all eliminated from the competition, and none of them had too strong of a showing.  Orton was the only one of the bunch not to have his vote total doubled by his opponent, although he just barely avoided that fate by scoring 57 votes to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s 93.  The rest of his fellow eliminatees didn’t come so close.  Edge lost in a landslide to Triple H, being outscored 107 to 47, while Chris Jericho scored just under 24% in his match with The Rock.  The most one-sided of the polls was the one that pitted Shawn Michaels against Kurt Angle; Angle received over 100 fewer votes than his opponent, good for a measly 15%.

If anything, this indicates that people are still pining over the Attitude Era.  Three of our four semi-finalists saw their best days in the 1990’s, not during the past decade, but they have advanced none-the-less over some of today’s stars.  Our two semi-final matches will see The Rock take on Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H go head-to-head with Shawn Michaels.  Tomorrow and Wednesday, we’ll preview the two epic matches, and voting will open Friday afternoon.  The two winners will advance into the finals, and we will determine our Champion over WrestleMania weekend.  Be sure to come back Friday to vote, this round is going to be close!

The Final 4 have been determined, and this weekend they'll face off in the semi-finals of our Champion of Champions Tournament!



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