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Maybe he should have listened to Punk


It’s no secret what’s been happening to Jeff Hardy recently, so I wont bore you with the details.  I will however tell you about the column I WAS gearing up to write.  I was going to talk about how it seemed as if Hardy finally got his act together, was willing to evolve his character, and be one of the major players in TNA.  And then his stupid reflex kicked in.  Good thing too, cause that article would have stunk anyway.

In the beginning of his WWE career, Jeff was part of one of the best tag teams ever.  He routinely risked his health and career by doing some of the most amazing moves any of us have ever seen.  The Hardys broke up, Jeff got fired, which should have been a wake up call.  He then went to TNA and got smoked from there too.  That also should have been a wake up call, but I guess Jeff missed that one.

Thank god he has his art to fall back on.

Jeff came back to the WWE for another run, and it seemed as if he was on his way to the top.  Physically he even looked better, as he put on some much needed weight.  But then he got in trouble again….and again.  But instead of firing him again, the WWE paid back Hardy for his years of hard work and risking his life.  And also because the fans still absolutely loved him.  So the WWE made him the MAN, and gave him the world title.  Then, more idiocy.

Just as Hardy’s contract was up, he got in some serious trouble for having A LOT of drugs in his house, left WWE and went to TNA.  After a few months there, Jeff got ANOTHER chance to be the man.  He became the major heel of the company, and a 2-time world champion.  This dude finally gets it….oh wait…

What I’m taking a very long time to get to is this; there are tons of guys that would love to have the chances Hardy has had.  There are guys all over the world struggling to make it in wrestling, or toiling around in the mid card level.  They might even have looked up to Hardy, as a mid card guy who broke through the glass ceiling.

But Jeff is a flat-out moron for not appreciating where he is or what he has accomplished.  For the most part, I honestly don’t care what people do in their own home.  If Jeff wants to smoke or drink, go nuts.  As long as it doesn’t affect the in-ring product.  I’m not sure if Jeff has ever wrestled when he was messed up, but he certainly let it affect his work ethic.  Not showing up to events, letting yourself get so skinny that you look like you’ve been dead for 6 years, and not updating your style over a decade can all be traced back to Hardy’s drug use.

The WWE and TNA put a lot of faith in Hardy, TWICE, and even gave him the world title despite his problems.  Bottom line: Hardy needs to show more respect to his employers in WWE and TNA and to the fans who have cheered him all these years.  I think the companies showed him enough respect by continuing to give him paychecks and a stage for him to entertain fans.  But since 2003 he’s done nothing but slap them in the face.

TNA finally had enough, or so it seems, by jobbing him out at Victory Road and then sending him packing.  Assuming he is able to beat these drug charges, I wonder if TNA will bring him back.  Sting seemed really pissed after his match with Hardy, and I‘m sure Jeff‘s antics don’t sit well with the boys in the back.  Then again, TNA is desperate and will hire almost anybody with name value.  And there’s no chance the WWE will offer him a job with their PG rating.  Hardy is in the middle of fighting some serious drug charges, and you would think that he would be on his best behavior.  Have fun in jail, stupid.  That’s what you get for having the worst custom belt in the history of wrestling.

This is stupid.



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