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Profilin': Joey Ryan

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Joey Ryan, one of the PWG Six.

In July of 2003, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla was launched in Southern California.  Unlike many other wrestling promotions, PWG was founded by wrestlers themselves instead of traditional promoters.  To this day, the wrestlers in the organization continue to book and run the all of the company’s shows on their own.  One of those wrestlers is Joey Ryan.

Ryan is one of the PWG Six, a collection of six wrestlers who founded the SoCal promotion.  He’s competed in the company from the time of its formation onward, and he’s also appeared in Ring of Honor and MTV’s ill-fated Wrestling Society X.  Ryan also appears for WWE semi-regularly when they’re in the California area, mostly used to enhance contracted talent by losing to them in one-sided matches.  The most notable of these appearances came in a match with The Big Show in 2008, a clip of which is used in Show’s Titantron video.

Ryan’s career around the world of independent wrestling, however, is a different story entirely.  He’s a former PWG World Champion and has been a tag team champion in a number of promotions with his partner Scott Lost, another member of the PWG Six.  Always underhanded, “Magnum” Joey Ryan prides himself on bringing sleazy back to professional wrestling.

Trained by Brian Kendrick, Joey Ryan’s repertoire is as varied as it is impressive.  It’s not uncommon to see “Hollywood’s Own” take to the air, either with a top rope maneuver or a dive to the outside.  He truly shines, however, in his power game.  Joey Ryan is a grappler through and through, utilizing powerbombs, fallaway slams, and spinebusters to put his opponent’s away.  Additionally, Ryan has been known to make enemies tap out to his ‘Nuff Said, a crossface chickenwing submission.  Other trademark moves include the Mustache Ride (a super swinging neckbreaker), a pedigree that puts Triple H’s finisher to shame, and That 70’s Kick (a high-impact superkick.)

The list of wrestlers that Joey Ryan holds victories over reads like a who’s who of the American indy scene.  He’s defeated both members of The Kings of Wrestling, both Motor City Machine Guns, and ROH World Champion Roderick Strong.  He’s had his hand raised after matches with Austin Aries, El Generico, and Kazarian.  Hell, he’s even scored a win over AJ Styles.  As impressive as this catalog of fallen opponents is, Ryan’s matches with them share one common trait: he’s cheated in them all.

Despite currently portraying a face in PWG, make no mistake, Ryan is a rule breaker.  Edge by damned, Joey Ryan’s character is the sleaziest in wrestling, hands down.  His willingness to cheat coupled with his intimidating ring presence and awesome mustache make him a force to be reckoned with.  He’s held championships in eight promotions and was the last man standing in the 2010 Battle of Las Angeles.  If you’re interested in seeing more of Joey Ryan, check out this video of him piledriving a woman onto a steel chair, throwing a referee into a cage wall, and enjoying a milkshake, among other highlights.  You won’t be disappointed!




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