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Hi, We’re the 2 Best Wrestlers in the Company…

Wrestling, Pro Rasslin, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe
We rule.

But you would never know it.

Chances are you’re not one of the 20 people that watch TNA every week.  Assuming you’re not, let me fill you in on a little secret…AJ Styles and Samoa Joe are being underused.  TNA has arguably two of the best wrestlers in the world today, and maybe if their talents were being utilized properly, their show might get higher ratings than a 3 AM rerun of CSI Minnesota.

You can almost make a case for AJ Styles.  Currently he is the leader of the face faction Fourtune (that’s a lot of Fs).  That‘s right, a FACE stable.  On a side note, it’s pretty cool to see a face stable in wrestling.  When was the last time we had that?  Wolfpac and DX?  Anyway, Fourtune and AJ are in the top feud now, going against Immortal, but that’s only because of a lack of intelligence on TNA’s part.  I mean who the hell sets up a feud using guys that aren’t even under contract?

For months, Fourtune was a smaller group within the Immortal faction.  But because TNA couldn’t sign Nash or Booker T, they panicked.  They needed somebody to be their “they” (lame), and decided to turn Fourtune face.  That would be cool, but AJ isn’t even the top face!  The top face is Mr. Kennedy…or RVD….or Sting…I’m not quite sure.  Anyway, after playing second fiddle to Jeff Hardy as a heel, AJ is now playing tenth fiddle as a face.

And then there’s Samoa Joe, one of the last legit bad asses in wrestling,  And what has he been doing lately….he’s feuding with some overrated Rock rip off.  Now look, I’m not saying he should be involved in the main event seen ALL the time.  That causes people to get tired of a wrestler.  Hell, I’m still on a Triple H hangover from early 2000’s.  But, isn’t Immortal supposed to be trying to take over TNA?  And isn’t Joe a top face, and basically a TNA guy?  Then wouldn’t it make sense to, ya know, have him fight to save his own company?

The answer is yes, yes it would.  Instead, who is fighting to save TNA from the evil empire?  Its two guys who have been in the company for a about a year, and who are hardly “TNA” guys.  Both Kennedy and RVD are associated with WWE/ECW still.  And lets face it, RVD isn’t exactly in the prime of his career.  But AJ and Joe clearly are.

Wrestling, Pro Rasslin, RVD
RVD 1996......or 2011??

Do yourself a favor, and go to Wikipedia and search Samoa Joe and AJ Styles.  To make it easier for your, just scroll to the bottom where it lists championships and accomplishments, and focus primarily on their TNA careers.  Pretty impressive.  Keep in mind that AJ has about 4 extra years in TNA over Joe.  And also, TNA was/is an Indy fed, meaning guys could leave to wrestle elsewhere, such as Ring of Honor and overseas.  These two guys have held every title there is to hold and have accomplished everything there is to accomplish.  AJ styles is nicknamed the “Franchise” of TNA for a reason, and even though Joe hasn’t been there as long, he’s right up there.

In a time when TNA is trying to compete with WWE, and expand their fan base, these 2 guys should be at the forefront.  TNA has the name value of Flair and Hogan, and the credibility of Kurt Angle and Sting, but you also need to show people something new and fresh.  So in a time when you’re trying to grow your company, its time to rely on your horses.  When the Bulls needed a big shot, they went to Michael Jordan.  When the Patriots are down, they put the ball in the hands of Tom Brady.  When the Yankees needed a save, they gave the ball to Mariano Rivera.  So instead of putting someone like Crimson (I know, who?) in the middle of a main event scene, lets use your aces.

AJ Styles or Samoa Joe should be the one to dethrone Immortal, not RVD, not Anderson, not even Sting (who made a huge mistake by not signing with the WWE).  If TNA wants to grow and someday challenge the WWE, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe NEED to be a big part of it.  So lets start using them to their potential.

By the way, Immortal could be the biggest joke of a faction ever.  They have one credible wrestler in Jeff Hardy.  Jeff Jarrett has always stunk, and I think his last good match was in 1997.  Matt Hardy is a solid midcarder at best.  Gunner and Murphy are a jobber tag team.  Rob Terry is only watchable because people are dying to see his heart pop.  And Hernandez is just another power guy.  If he were main event material, he would have been given the chance years ago.  That’s all……




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