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What’s the Irish word for “buried"?

Wha......what happened??

So a little bit about me…I hate seeing undeserving wrestlers getting pushed too far too early.  Jack Swagger, Del Rio, Ziggler, and Sheamus all have tons of potential.  But because they were shoved into the main event scene too early, they were doomed to fail.  Sheamus started off as just another power house wrestler that no one really gave a damn about.  After proving nothing, he was given the WWE title.  After ratings suffered, he was used as a scapegoat.  And after being jobbed out to guys with no future, he’s now trying to hold on to his.

In the summer of 2009, Sheamus made his debut on something called ECW (I‘m not quite sure what that is).  Don’t remember him there?  You shouldn’t.  He had a short feud with Goldust and that’s pretty much it.  He was then moved to Raw, where he power bombed Jamie Noble a couple of times, then became the WWE Champion.

This stinks.

Don’t worry, you didn’t skip any paragraphs.  That’s pretty much how it went down.  Within 5 months in the company, he won his first title, which just happened to be the WWE Championship.  He beat John Cena in a tables match in December of 2009, and would beat him again in June of 2010.  On a side note, kudos for Cena for dropping the belt to a no-name TWICE. 

Anyway, this guys was in the company a year and a half, a two time WWE champ, and some people didn’t even know who this guy was.  No build up, no IC or US title, no strong feuds.  Directly to the top.  Unfortunately, after the initial shock of him winning the belt wore off, people realized that they didn’t care for Sheamus.  He had zero credibility, no history with the fans, and the only thing of worth he did was end Jamie Noble’s career.

Fast forward to the present day, and what has he done lately?  He’s jobbed to Mark Henry (I know I know, Henry’s career is on the rise).  After the loss my friend Dan responded with “What did he ever do to deserve this?“  And just this week, he got owned by a returning Evan Bourne. And remember when he knocked Triple H out of action?  And for the past several months he would remind us of that to set up nicely for a Triple H/Sheamus feud?  Yeah, that whole thing ended in about 2 seconds when Trips kicked the shite out of him (see what I did there?).

Sad part is, Sheamus is good!  His brutal and methodical style is very realistic and easy to watch.  And while his mic skills aren’t great, he uses the word “fella” all the time, which I love.  But because he didn’t shoot ratings through the roof as champ, he’s getting buried.

A few weeks back there was a tease of a possible Sheamus/Daniel Bryan feud, which would be perfect for each guy.  Both have a very different style, but Bryan seems like a good enough worker to make the styles come together for some great matches.  And Sheamus, who is still in the dog house, could use this as a platform to get back into the WWE’s good graces by showing what he’s capable of when he’s not pushed too early.  I mean, the WWE must see SOMETHING in him.  Otherwise why give him the world title twice?

People know Sheamus by now.  They’ve had a chance to get to know his character and he’s been able to build up some credibility and a back story with fans.  I think people can forget that he was jobbed to a few guys, and they will forgive the fact that his return feud with Triple H wont happen.  People now care about him and want to boo him.  He has the chance to do what he should be doing; going for the US title.  Too bad for him, he won the WWE Title first, got blamed for poor ratings, and is suffering for it.  At this point in his career, Sheamus should now just be beginning his climb to the top.  Instead, he’s trying to grab on to a ledge to stop his fall.



  1. One of the biggest problems I see today is that belts like the IC and US titles are no longer stepping stones. Not only are they not stepping stones but when they are defended there is usually very little story going into it. Guys like Sheamus and Alberto should be holding these belts and refining their characters and getting some established story set with fans.

    • Kofi Kingston has lost his last six televised matches, and he’s still Intercontinental Champion. What does that say for the belt? It’s depressing. The IC title used to be my favorite belt in the company, from the HBK days right on through to when it was Jericho / Benoit / Angle passing it off to each other. Now it’s an afterthought, and the US title isn’t doing any better on Raw. Daniel Bryan is great, and I could see him being pushed in the future, but the belt isn’t what is making that happen. It’s just decoration. Terrible.

  2. Ever since the brand split and intro of the World Title, the secondary belts are basically meaningless. The last time the IC belt was defended at Wrestlemania was WM 25….the match lasted 20 seconds and Rey beat JBL. Before that, it was Wrestlemania 18. The last US Title defense at Mania was 23. Clearly these belts arent seen as important. Also, the addition of Money in the Bank has hurt these belts, as most of the time the champs are involved in that match up instead of defending their titles.

    • Word is MITB is gone this year. Did you hear about the BS match Smackdown has planned?! Rumor is it’s going to be The Corre vs Big Show, Kane, Christian, and Kofi Kingston. Absolutely awful.


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