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Smackdown Preview, 2/25/11

What she lacks in character, she makes up for in...um...other areas.

On Monday Night, Raw accelerated full speed on the road to WrestleMania.  With Cena vs Miz already official, they gave strong indications that Triple H vs Undertaker, Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole, and CM Punk vs Randy Orton were all on the agenda of the biggest show of the year.  They even teased a Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan match.  Tonight, it will be Smackdown’s turn to answer as the blue brand looks to lay the groundwork for their half of the card.

As far as tonight’s lineup goes, Vickie Guerrero will wrestle alongside Drew McIntyre in the main event to take on the team of Edge & the newly rehired Kelly Kelly.  This match is full of combustable elements, as there is plenty of history between both McIntyre & Kelly Kelly AND Edge & Vickie Guerrero.  I know that the Corre “doesn’t have a leader,” but the leader of the Corre Wade Barrett will collide with the Big Show in singles competition.  Smackdown wouldn’t be Smackdown without Rey Mysterio being part of a David vs Goliath tale, and this week will be no different as he steps into the ring with the Big Red Machine.  United States Champion Kofi Kingston is set to go one on one with Jack Swagger in what I anticipate being the match of the night, while Rosa Mendes will do battle with Layla of LayCool to round out the card.



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