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Ghastly Gimmicks: Naked Mideon


Every Tuesday, we’ll take a look at an outlandish character from wrestling’s days gone by.  Sometimes laughable, sometimes revolting, and always preposterous, they’re part of what makes pro rasslin’ so great.  Ranging from slightly peculiar to downright ludicrous, these are the wrestlers that time has rightly forgotten.

The only time a fanny pack has been a welcome addition to an outfit.

Dennis Knight’s WWE career began more memorably than it ended.  Making his debut in 1996 as Phineas I. Godwinn (P.I.G.), Knight teamed with kayfabe cousin Henry O. Godwinn (H.O.G.), and the duo found moderate success within the tag team division.  The Godwinns won the World Tag Team Titles on two occasions, however their pair of reigns lasted only a combined 9 days.  Knight’s Phineas Godwinn character is most  fondly remembered for his notorious “slopping” of the WWE’s original diva, Sunny.  In his post-Godwinn career, Knight became known as Mideon when he joined The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness.  His time in the Ministry was highlighted by a run as European Champion after he found the vacated title in Shane McMahon’s bag.  After the Ministry’s dissolved, Mideon continued to team with fellow Undertaker follower Viscera for a while, a partnership that eventually disappeared into obscurity.  The world had not seen the last of Mideon, however, although it probably wishes it had.  In 2000, Dennis Knight debuted his newest character, Naked Mideon.  Naked Mideon, actually clad in a thong, boots, and fanny pack, streaked through WWE rings for a few months.  At No Mercy that year, the attire-challenged wrestler faced William Regal in a failed attempt to regain the European Championship.  Two months later, at Armageddon, the world saw the bare behind of Naked Mideon for the last time when he made a brief appearnce during a match between Kane and Chris Jericho.  Naked Mideon, we may have missed you, had you not been so naked.



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