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POLL: 2.21.11

Who will be revealed on 2.21.11?

Every day this week, we took a gander at a wrestler who could possibly be the figure featured in the 2.21.11 promos currently airing on WWE programming.  If you need to catch yourself up, all of our speculation can be found through the following links: Undertaker, Tyler Black, Sting, Triple H, and Skip Sheffield.  At the start of the week, I was of the belief that Sting would be the most popular opinion.  However, when the newest vignette was aired, featuring Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave,” I assume that a lot of viewers were swayed to believing that the videos are signaling the Undertaker’s return.  Hey, maybe it’s a double swerve – we don’t know.  So today, I’m asking you, the readers of ProRasslin.com … who’s arrival do you think these mysterious promos are building towards?  Expound upon your prediction in the comments should you feel the need!

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