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TNA Impact Preview, 2/3/11

Who THEY aren't.

Welp, tonight’s the big moment for TNA.  They’ve been crafting this angle for weeks, and we’ve finally reached the money shot.  The revelation of THEY. Unfortunately for Total Nonstop Action, THEY will not appear as originally planned.  Originally booked to be the return of the Main Event Mafia, THEY would have been Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Sting, rejoining Impact Zone mainstay Kurt Angle.  Since the inception of this saga, two of those men have inked deals with rival World Wrestling Entertainment, and a third is widely speculated to be close to doing the same.  The answer to who TNA decided to replace these former World Champions with will be answered tonight at 9/8c on Spike TV.

Also confirmed for the show is a World Heavyweight Title match between Champion Mr. Anderson and former Champion Jeff Hardy.  Another X Division qualifier will be held, this time a three way dance between Jay Lethal, Douglas Williams, and Jeremy Buck.  In a tag team double header, Bully Ray & The Pope will grapple with Devon & Samoa Joe, while Ink Inc. takes on Gunner & Murphy.  Mickie James versus Sarita is also scheduled for the show.


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